A local Tenrikyo church in the northwest suburb of Chicago, IL.

We all want to lead a happy life.

But how can we lead such a life?

We followers of this teaching are fortunate to know the firm ground on which we can base our mind—the ground that remains the same even when the world changes.

This refers to the teachings that Oyasama has taught us.

Learning the teachings and putting them into practice enable us to live a happy life.

Tenrikyo Midwest Church is a local Tenrikyo church located in the Northwest suburb of Chicago, in Des Plaines, IL. The church was established in 1950 with Rev. Imayo Suzuki as the 1st head minister.

Currently, Rev. Kunihito Fumioka is the head minister of the church.

Tenrikyo Midwest Church strives to help you learn more about the teachings so that we may be able to attain and share joyful way of living.

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Monthly Service

• 1st Sunday of the month at 10:00 am

Daily Service

  1. Morning Service - 7:00 am

  2. Evening Service - 5:00 pm

Healing Prayer (Sazuke)

  1. Upon request (by appointment)

Prayer Service

Upon request

Rev. Kunihito Fumioka

Head Minister

Upcoming Events:

November Monthly Service/11月月次祭
November 1 - 10:00am at the church

DecemberMonthlyService / 12月月次祭
December 6 - 10:00am at the church

New Year’s Day Service / 元旦祭
January 1 - 10:00am at the church

Spring Grand Service / 春季大祭
January 3、2021 - 10:00am at the church